Founded in 2016 by designer, Jameel Mohammed, when he was just 21-years old, Khiry is what Mohammed calls an, “afrofuturist luxury brand.” After being told by a fashion executive that luxury brands could only emerge from Milan and Paris, Mohammed set out to establish a new standard and Khiry was born.

JAMEEL MOHAMMED has been featured in Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Forbes, Teen Vogue and Coveteur to name a few.

“People approach [black culture in fashion] from an exotic viewpoint, or, ‘Oh that was fun for a season,’ but what if we just revered it? What if we just accepted that it was a really amazing thing that offers a completely fresh take and is distinctive and no less stunning and no less beautiful?”

Vanity Fair

Khiry is has sold in top luxury outlets including Barneys and online retailer Moda Operandi. Now he is set to launch a fine jewelry collection with Net-a-Porter. The Net-a-Porter collection is presented through their Vanguard program. The program aims to set designers up for success by pairing them with a mentor and sponsors to support the development of the business to scale. Mohammed has been paired with another recognizable black jewelry designer, Matthew Harris of Mateo New York.

Explore and shop the collection in the Fashion Gallerie.

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